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Even though electric skateboards might seem like some artifact accidentally left here by a time traveler from the future, they still require a little good old-fashioned maintenance now and then.

Most of the maintenance that you’ll need to perform on your electric skateboard is the same type of stuff that regular skateboards require.

The major difference between regular skateboards and electric skateboards (aside from the electricity!) is the price. Electric skateboards are much more expensive than their push-kicked cousins. This higher cost is all the more reason to take extra care of your electric skateboard. Any preventive actions or steps that you can take to extend the life of your electric skateboard will serve to extend the value of your investment. 

So don’t be that guy who thinks getting an oil change in your car is a scam popularized by the oil lobbyists running Washington. If you take care of your electric skateboard it will last longer and save you money. Period.

Electric Skateboard Maintenance Tips 

Clean / Replace your Grip Tape

Once your grip tape starts to go it can become very difficult to stay on your board. Remember, it’s just a wee bit of friction that keeps you on your skateboard, so any loss in that area can mean an increase in wipeouts for the rider.

The best way to take care of grip tape is to keep it dry and free of debris. Try not to track mud or anything else onto your board if you can.

Also, you should replace your grip tape entirely every couple of months.  This is an easy process that involves nothing more than a razor blade and a steady hand.

Clean your Bearings and Rotate Wheels 

Once your bearings start to go your wheels will not spin as well as they should. To prevent degeneration of the bearings, you should remove the wheels once a month, take out the bearings, and clean them. It would be wise to add a drop or two of lubricant to the bearings during the cleaning to keep them spinning fast.

When you take off your wheels to change the bearings, we also recommend that you rotate your wheels (the wheels without the hub motors that is). This will prevent irregular wearing that will cause the board not to roll straight. 

Check your Hardware

Your hardware is all of the nuts and bolts that keep your trucks attached to your deck. If your hardware is tightened too much it could cause the deck to crack. If it’s too loose, your trucks will wobble on your board.

You should check your hardware regularly to make sure that everything is up to snuff.


Tighten your Trucks

The good news is that if your trucks are too loose you will be able to tell right away. Loose trucks will make it incredibly hard to steer your board or push in a straightforward direction.

While everyone has a different preference as to how loose they like their trucks, there is definitely such a thing as too loose.

So make sure to tighten the big bolts in your trucks from time to time. But be careful not to tighten them too much or you could crash your bushings.

Don’t Ride through Water

In case you haven’t picked up on this yet, you shouldn’t ride your board through water. While the Genesis electric skateboards are water resistant, we still advise against getting your board soaking-wet if you can prevent it.

While the electronics are protected in our design, it is still bad for your bearings, grip tape, and the deck to get too wet.

Take Care of Your Battery 

Following basic best practices with your battery will cause it to last longer. This advice goes for any lithium ion battery.

You should never leave your battery in an overly hot environment, such as the back of your car. You should also try and keep your battery fully charged when it’s not in use. Store your battery at room temperature too when you’re not using it.

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