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Anders Søren Alderson
5 hours ago

I have a dual motor board one of the wheels has stopped functioning after two years of use. I’ve been very happy with the performance of the board. Do you suggest that I buy two new wheels with motor
3 days ago

Hello, I do video production and yesterday one of my worst nightmares came to fruition. I accidentally reformatted my card with needed video on it. Last night I scoured the web for services and progr
Cameron Dunn
6 days ago

I purchased the Blitzart Huracane board last week and had it shipped to my friend's place in CO, where I'm visiting for the week. The board is amazing and I was enjoying riding it very much, but 2 day
Melissa Choquet Diaz
Nov 4

Oct 28
Sep 16

I got my hurricane about a month ago and Im still in love with it. I had a couple of suggestions. The lanyard is too small for adult hands. I had to buy my own. I like the ease of the remote but Im
Aug 30

Hi, Could anyone advise me on how to accurately know how good the Sunset will be? I know that if there is complete cloud cover, or lots of clouds, then obviously the Sunset will be forgettable, as mo
Roberto Martinez
Aug 19

I just bought a skateboard about 3 days ago how long until i get it?
graham jesteadt
Jun 3

Damon Salinas
Apr 23

Noshreder The Gamer
5 hours ago

In the user guide it says that you can not overcharge neither the board nor the remote. I want to know why that is. Maybe this will solve the answer to your longboards not turning on for no reason.
4 days ago

I got my skateboard on August 11 2019 today is September 3 2019, the control won’t turn on even after charging it, when I did get it to work once I Tried riding it it wouldn’t budge, turns out only th
Nov 5

Hi, I have a Nikon D3100 and i recently discovered the passion of photography. I am also an offroad maniac and this is how the idea of filming and photoshooting me and my friends while riding our qua
Tom Tom
Nov 2

Jared Tanner
Sep 23

mark stocker
Sep 13

Aug 26

I Absolutely loved the Blitzart Tornado, But after 4 months the board stopped taking a charge. This Board has never been wet, also My Wheels also got so hot from the Dual Hub Motors that they would sl
Jun 4

May 1
Feb 23

47 years old my daughter bought me a tornado for christmas. I love this board so much I am purchasing a replacement wheel, thats how much I ride it. Best gift ever!!! I have 3 other kick longboards so

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